Thursday, 7 January 2010

1st Blog for term 2 environment project

At the moment all I am doing is researching for my 3D environments Project.
I have looked at several films and a few have stuck in my mind as having good use of environment and good show of character through dialogue.

One thing I have been doing alot of over the christmas break was 3d rotoscoping, has been a fun challenge and has made me use Maya at least a little bit everyday. I want to get good to the point where I only need to use the video reference at a minimum and can create expressive and life like character animation.

I think this environmental project will be great. So far the only environments I have made in 3d are simple image planes with photos in them, I haven't tried making digital furnature or objects to go into a digital scene, or experimented much with Lighting.

The lighting seems like a great place to start to create mood so this will be fun to analyse afew favorite films and see what worked for them.

Steve Crocker will be showing me some maya match move, which apparently takes tracking data from a camera and can be used in 3d to create a hand held look effect, which sounds very useful. I have tried animating a camera by hand, results were kind of tacky and it is a huge time sink, if I can be shown a better way i would welcome it.
there is no Doubt in my mind that the things they will teach me here I will be using in my own personal projects all the time, which I am delighted i AM FINALLY TAKING SERIOUSLY.

I think its far easier for Tutors to teach me something when I am genuinely interested, and since i am doing my own personal animations as often as I can manage in my own time, it seems I will take in a lot more and ask for more advice now i want to get moving.

College has been closed because of snow. I have picked out 5 film clips which all use dialogue or environment interesting ways, I will upload on my bnext post as I am having trouble with the format.

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