Monday, 18 January 2010

alot of planning..

first we settled on an inced and snowy ski resort with lots of animated running around.

that idea is out on its ear mostly cos of the time consuming process of doing snow.

have been developing a princess and the pea idea. is going to consist of modeling a giant bed and a circular room complete with props.

the transition in the environment will be increasingly more mattresses being pilled on, a day to night transition, a clock ticking and the effects of different lighting.

I did recently go to the environmental student presentation. Which i thought gave me some helpful insight. Their basic interest was re-energizing the down trodden southern area of madrid with a new building design to bring the desperate worlds together. I was trying to think of an animation to go with this idea. Since shade is a premium in spain , so u need shade and tall buildings, i was thinking how to make that interesting. More on that later.

At the moment we seem happy to go ahead with the princess and the pea environment, if there's time we will model a princess, if not we can find things to scrap.

There is also I forgot to mention a camera move circling the bed as the mattresses pile up, was gonna be a 180 degree move, now it will go through the entrance go 360 degrees around the bed.

However this may change depending on work brevity.

anyway more to come soon..

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