Wednesday, 20 January 2010


an example of the animation I am doing with my moom model.
I was VERY imressed i churned out this decent bit of lip syncing in 2 days, not even.

The only things that slowed the process was some early hick-ups; such as organising my clips and saving locations, that sort of thing.

Towards the end I am having problems getting After effects to play the image sequence back at the same frame rate as the original footage.

I am trying to figure this problem out because I had the same problem last year!

one of the shots in my 3D compositing project was kinda long and started to not match up with the live action, AAAAACKKK ! i THOUGHT! :O

and i only had a day to correct the problem so i matched moved it by hand in After effects, it did the job but i would rahter have corrected this problem :/

so anyway i had this problem again where Maya plays back the clip at the right frame rate but importing into after effects the 3D image sequence stops short.

Anyway, its a good thing i got at least one shot in the bag, so I can ask Alex tomorrow what he thinks could be the problem. I think it must just be after effects not set to the right frame rate. I have the trip to the welcome trust coming up tomorrow so I will be in college.

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