Thursday, 14 January 2010

What I found recently..

here is what I found recently searching on Turbosquid and Simple maya among other sites.

it is pretty difficult finding Models that have been well Rigged, the monsters Inc. model is the best one I have found so far without splashing £200 into a model, which i WOULDN'T ANYWAY, as it doesn't push me to develop.

At this stage i would like to get on with animating, But animation is only good with a decent amount of planning, and If I am going to dislike any elements of 3D modelling/ uv mapping etc. i will at least give it a go and demonstrate I understand it well enough to say i dislike this, this n this. anyway.

if I cant find a model, the easy thing to do would be to make one moom Green and make him look like an alien Rambo. so that can be a simple thing or a complicated thing. I would like to have a finished piece.

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