Sunday, 21 February 2010

Busy weekend, and finally i get to work on this..

Now that my animating task is for the most part done on the team project, I have had the majority of this weekend to work on the lightin for my other animated scene.

These images illustrate my thinking when i am putting lights into the scene.
I put the 3D up next to the original live action to see where the lighting is coming from. From what i can tell the actor is lit by a spot lite from off camera projected over the other characters shoulder. And then you have lighting coming from within the scene lighting the sides of their faces.

It can be a little tricky getting it exactly how it looks in the 3D, I keep toying with the cone angle shape and doing quick renders of an image to see how close i am.

I can light up the character who's speaking, its just the other character, his shoulder is lit from somewhere, possibly just the ambient light in the scene.

Anyway, all i have left to do is the opening shot, which is the longest and requiring the most camera movement.

Once all the lighting is done in the other shots i will get cracking on the last one.
I don't for see any problems, other than my processor getting pretty slowed down due to the two characters interacting, so getting quick feedback all i can do is playblast. but this is not a big issue.

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