Friday, 8 January 2010

I have been deciding on a sequence for my Digital environments projects.

So far,I have several clips and storyboard breakdowns to show which will feature in my presentation.

I will explain why i have chose them and how i have narrowed it down.

As we have to choose a scene from a movie we will do in 3D with a comical twist, this scene from the Wrestler I thought would have a lot of comedic potential.

Since they are bashing each other with frying pans and stuff, I though I could animate them in 3D hitting each other with all sort of things from Anvils to cows and fridges etc.
But there are problems, firstly the camera is hand held, and I know from first hand experience what a huge time sink this can be to recreate in 3D. Also the lighting is very bright and all over the place ,as one would expect from a store, But it just seems dull and not really worth recreating.

Depending on what Maya Match maker can do, from what I know it takes physical camera data and puts it into 3D, which sounds like just what I need to recreate the hand held feel of this scene.
However if it proves to be too much hassle, I would do away with the hand held completely.
It's only purpose is to give a documentary account to mickey Rourke's character's life, taking this scene out of context it doesn't seem needed.

we'll see, i may change my mind.

This clip from Jurassic Park has some good lines and interesting lighting because of the back projections. I did a little scene break down.
I am pretty sure I wont go with this one for a number of reasons.
the clip is a little too long unless I do a re-edit. I can't think off too many ways I can make this seem funny unless I have some genetically engineered conga's prancing around in the back.
The lighting is interesting, at first it seems like it might be challenging to get it right.
What really matters to me is making expressive animation , with good lip sync and good lighting.
It's just I am not sure I can add much to this scene to spruce it up. It has Memorable Dialogue but thats about all it has going for it.

This Clip from Ed Wood I think is a real cracker! For one thing Johnny Depp's performance is delightfully over the top and the studio head guy is the straight man , and it all is so funny, even edited down. So it will be fun to animate in a more expressive and over the top way. Plus the movie recreates the kind of lighting you see in Film Noir, with different spot lights obscuring and dicing up the character. so this one can be a lot of fun and I would enjoy animating this one.
about the only environment interaction is him picking up the paper, so I would change that to be something else. like a leg of lamb or something.


This scene from Training day has alot of crazy lighting going on which I think would be good. It's just going serious with the animation would be a pretty bold thing to do, especially since I'm only just starting out. Also I am again a bit stumped as to what to do with this to make it more interesting.
Plus the scene is way too long to squeeze into the time frame. I guess I included this mostly for the lighting being what it is. is a good scene but I would really have to know my stuff to be able to do it justice.
so the likely hood of me doing this one is kinda slim. I guess it depends what sort of challenge I want to set myself. I guess what Im saying is this one is a bit out of my league if I don't intend on changing anything.


This scene from Suburban commando has a great performance from Christopher Lloyd and some interesting background lighting. the Lighting draws you into the characters state of mind. as he is stressed and frustrated and it all comes out. Even though it's a comedy and a spoof on a lot of sci fi's , Christopher Lloyd still makes you care a great deal. I think animation wise this would be fun, the scene is kinda dark and contained with a few lights pointing the direction we are supposed to be looking. what I would add to the scene prop wise to make him interact with the environment would probably be to replace the armor Hulk Hogan hands him at the beginning with some over powered exotic bazooka looking thing that he can barely lift. could be funny seeing him trying to balance it then leaning on the wall.

anyway I think its one has good lighting and seems one of the more reasonable to achieve in the timeframe.

I think I would need to pick between either ed wood or suburban commando, but now i think about it there is not a great deal of environment interaction, just props. So i will hold out incase this weekend i think of anything new.

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