Thursday, 21 January 2010

ok, now im feelin a little silly..

OK what a relief,

i was so worried yesterday about my Rendering situation.

its turns out all what was wrong was the format I was using to render was Maya IFF, instead of a tga or TARGA SEQUENCE. Since finding this out and compositing in PREMIER PRO its kinda solved some major problems.

Although, Since I am in college and waiting for a chance to talk to alex, i also have this problem with image size. Because the width of the frame for the original footage is widescreen. It seems I animated moom in a more standard bandwidth format you see.

So since i am here i may as well ask alex if there is a quick way to correct this problem in maya. It would be a real shame to have to start this animation over.

Either way Im pretty relieved i think i have sorted the problem.

One Rendering process I could use for my other projects including the is one is this;

Render in maya as a Targa sequence - take into premier- render out as another sequence and I could take it into After Effects.

now thinking about it , this process might have problems of its own which need addressing. Such as if it is all rendered out as one sequence it will be hard to edit in maya. Best thing to do is to do the lighting and effects on separate layers in Maya, just like alex said.

Anyway, Like alex told me before set everything up on separate layers in maya and it can be composited in the package. So the only ting to ask him is this issue I have had with After Effects.

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